A new year by Moshafik

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Fireworks from all over
from far and close
The sky decorated as a groom
The people in the joy of the celebration

The groom glittering with a variety of colours
The joy of celebration I can hear from a mile away
Every television channel a display of the celebration

As for I, the storm has fallen so hard
A part of i in sorrows
Pretending to be happy but the sorrows are hard to bear
Preparing for the new year is hard to do

How can i celebrate in sorrows
How can i do when darkness has penetrated my heart
No boozing for a reason
No fireworks for a reason
NO laughter for a reason
No smile for a reason

Thinking of the day of separation
the injustice that occurred
the moment of weakness
the tears of pain drop by drop

hoping for better the upcoming year
hopes within too low to keep hoping
the moment of countdown
the moment of weakness
the moment of tears drop by drop

A new year shall emerge
A new day to unite family
A new day to unite siblings
A new day to unite brothers

ONE DAY INDEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poet Bio

the poem is about an issue that took place where the second-born brother was removed from a family household and taken to a foreign region to serve 4 years of juvenile sentence of the crime he did not commit. the family was left behind in sorrows and naturally, from that year no one in the family ever celebrated new year as one pillar of the family is down

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