Hope, empty by The Bloodwitch

The Bloodwitch | January 7th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


My heart is trapped in an
iron vice
I catch my breath,
the world turns to ice
I cannot breathe,
I cannot eat
My mind is plagued
awake, asleep
I’m all alone
in a crowded age
Emotions erupt
like hurricanes
People buzz 
around like flies 
throughout my life, 
they sting like bees,
stab like knives
My tears, hot
My hope, empty
My chest, tight
My woes, plenty
I cannot see the light
from this pit
I’m stuck inside,
I’ve lost my wit
I try, I’ve tried
to make something out of it
I die, I’ve died
in my helplessness
I wonder why
I woke up like this
I just want to feel
at home again
Instead I’m lost
inside my pain
Optimism –
I don’t know this name
I fear I may always
feel this way

Poet Bio

A twenty-something-year-old witch whose words are marked in fury, pain, passion and anguish. Through her poetry, she explores themes of oppression, liberation, anger, identity and resistance.

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