Let them eat cake by Maestro

Maestro | Jan 17th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


Give yourself away, my darling sweetheart

Furnish them with all your beauty and art

Let them consume you with all that they can

All of them, every woman and man

Pour out your soul with a bittersweet sonnet

Lay your pride on the floor as if a doormat 

For the entrance to your realm is only by cleansed feet

Before they take a seat; caress them with the fire of your soul and let them dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat 

All that is good, all that is sweet is all that your nature brings

You are a beautiful daughter to the queen; a beloved son to the king of kings

In your possession is all the wisdom and treasure that men hope to find

Open up like the heavens and let them explore the beauty and magic of your mind

Yours is a tender and sweet soul mixed up and baked in a beautiful pie

Sprinkled and frosted with bits of golden cannabis, give them an insight of your divinity from a temporary high

Feed their hunger for knowledge and pour out to them the love that they thirst

Like waves of a tsunami, flour them from the last to the first

Give them all of you, all your sweet poetry and compel them to take

Make no mistake; let them eat cake.

Poet Bio

29-year-old African man from the south of Johannesburg. A poet in persistent pursuit of contentment. He is Love and Light in their most impure form.

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