Moment of rapture by Nkateko Tshabalala

Nkateko Tshabalala | Jan 18th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


The wine tasted better when the alcohol of the perfume on your neck left a florescent taste on my tongue,
an elixir of elation
The glasses were dripping like the juices betraying the ripened red grapes
The night songs were in sync with our breath and heartbeats,
Making memories with liquid sculptures reforming shapes like a melody of the moon returning from its lost trails
No one wanted to be seen,
the souls were lost within the sentimental chaos of each other
A beautiful collision of emotions that could only be rivaled by the huddles of the lightning and thunder
A coveted love of a dragon that sees its smile in all that glitters
The moment of rapture felt like the unveiling of a time capsule of smiles that made their way back to our faces.

Poet Bio

Nkateko Tshabalala is a self-published author of Poetic Flair, Amazon (2018). Full bio on Poetry Potion.

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