Seers and magic by Patience Labane

Patience Labane | Jan 27th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


It was a terrifying night for the magic man
The scarecrows were calling on the owls
The night air was filled with an uncertain mystery
These… We’re unprecedented times
The magic man held his staff made of baobab tree up to the night sky
Hoping to summon the attention of the forest
But the birds of the sky had learned to speak only to the spirit gods
And he…
Only a mere man with controlled efforts
Could only cause a stir in the forest
But the night had other plans
The magic man and the seer were one man
Broken down by the psyche to create personalities
None could control the other
And only one could summon the attention of the forest
He was made more of a complainant nature
And the magic man, of broken-down matter
There was no force that could reconcile the two
It was beyond Banner’s science that lends its strings to the metaphysical
A paradox made of strings and treble notes
Playing melodies to the more complex
The Seer was here to stay
And so the magic man had no choice but to surrender to the new overlord

Poet Bio

Ntaoleng Labane is a poet born and raised in the Free State. She is a two-time winning slam champion, a poet, writer, visual artist and an artistic sandwich of sorts.

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