I will never be the same by The Bloodwitch

The Bloodwitch | Feb 1st, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


My heart is shattered
a thousand ways.
I know I will never 
be the same again.

You ask me if I’m okay.
I’d like to reply
with what you’d like me to say.

The truth is, however,
my world has gone grey.
I’m drained and I’m mourning,
drowning in pain.

My heart is ripped open,
it’s shattered, it’s broken.
Everything’s spinning
and I’m sinking not floating. 

I’m falling under,
I cannot find meaning.
Shattered hope,
my head is reeling.

I want to heal,
instead I’m bleeding.
Will I ever be free from this feeling?

I fear I cannot hold on 

everything I love is lost
and I am not who I once was. 

The toughest lesson 
I have learned
– how to rise from ashes once burnt.

Poet Bio

A twenty-something-year-old witch whose words are marked in fury, pain, passion and anguish. Through her poetry, she explores themes of oppression, liberation, anger, identity and resistance. In this particular poem, she delves deep into the motions of grief and depression

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