Dreams by Patience Labane

Quaz | Feb 6th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


What if our dreams are parasites?
Parasites we can only tame when we sleep
For our state of wakefulness feeds their need to make us believe?
Make us believe that anything is possible
And Nihilism is just a concept?
What if dreams are parasites that landed in alien spaceships
Found a way to crawl into our hopeless state of being?
These parasites die when we refuse to try
When we refuse to try these parasites die
These dreams
What if, what if their world has collapsed
What we thought was a falling star was actually a pod landing on our soils
These parasites are infectious
From one positive person to the next until we all surrender our willpower
To dreams
Which is why we always believe we can reach the stars
Those stars were once home

Poet Bio

Two time slam champion from the Free State. An art fanatic, a crazy dreamer and a pioneer. Patience Labane is a story and she is only beginning.

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