The Unpredictable Rain by Himanshu Ranjan

Himanshu Ranjan | Feb 19th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


Rain pours down my feelings
scattered as tiny bright spots
on my mobile screen. Colourful!

It tastes like hunger, smells
like long forgotten dreams.

It snatches away the superficial
make up and a kick of laughter
cools down the tension.

Freedom is closer in the rain.
Umbrella flips out as a friend.

The sky reflects a cycle
of hope. Some bubbles
burst and the outcome
could be unpredictable.

Poet Bio

Himanshu Ranjan lives in Nashik, Maharashtra. He is a poet and a Young India Fellow. His anthology is titled ’36 Love Stories’ in which he has composed thirty-six sonnets and a sestina. His poems have appeared or forthcoming in ‘Eunoia Review,’ ‘Poetry Potion,’ ‘Scarlet Leaf Review,’ and Indrdhanush.’ He loves teaching chemistry.

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