Divorce (or, A World Without Blue) by A.D. Labuschagne

A.D. Labuschagne | Feb 21st, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


Do you remember when the ocean was still wine dark?
When sheep were violet and honey was green?
The world used to be fine without the color blue
I’m sure I’ll be fine, without you…

The first shades recorded were black and white
Dark and light
And as wars were fought
A word to describe our spilt blood was sought
And red seemed to fit
But there was no color blue
Not until I met you…

Then there was yellow…

Fields of maize in the rising sun…

And green,
which more aptly described the waves and waters
We’d seen…

But still no shade or hue…
No color blue…

Until I married you.

After that, blue was all I ever felt
The note that marred my melody
A lonely, sorrowful, empty sound
With stabs of color in between

Sky, Baby, Powder, Steel
Electric, Air Force, Pigeon, Teal
These are the shades you made me feel
All different yet the same

As I tried in vain to color in the lines
To match the circles round my eyes
And began to fade away
In the smoke, a bluish gray

Now I look up at the sky
Reflecting light, in grey and white
No other shades, no other hues
And now that you’ve gone
Now that you left
The world seems to be without blue.

This is the world without you.

Poet Bio

Andre Labuschagne is a poet, musician and Christian creative minister living in Johannesburg.

Andre has been writing poetry for a number of years, but has yet to find a publisher that suits his voice. Growing up in the church and having studied Theology, religious imagery and moral themes are often found in his work although the main theme of his poetry will always be the exploration of the deeper self and our purpose here in the universe.

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