Sonnet for Harriet by Thendo Netshivhera

Thendo Netshivhera | February 22nd, 2020 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

From the subtropics, appears the princess
Like the night breeze hailing from the far east,
Near my left shoulder, she rested with calmness.
My heart blushes as it is swept off its feet.
Her smile assured with its diastema.
Her glowing cheeks are red wet fresh roses.
Her tigress eyes mirror inner power.
Her sturdy figure is envied by stars.
I sat and pondered all these values
And thought, ‘I have discovered the right cure’.
Her soft slow speech can restore I perhaps.
Perhaps with this Swati Miss, I can soar.
The peasant works day and night in the field,
No gold the soil he can offer but blood.

Poet Bio

Thendo Netshivhera is a writer who originates from South Africa, Limpopo, Hatshivhasa. He is a qualified population practitioner and currently Studies BA in Creative Writing at the University of South Africa.

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