Little People by Mawizana

Mawizana | Mar 6th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


They lived
In unfinished houses
And walked on uneven ground
They raised loads on top of their heads
They raised children in their arms
Children they saw the rest of the world in
A world they will never know
They lived
On open land
With green air and open skies
They saw the stars
They saw them every night
Each and every one of them
They lived
With whatever the day gave them
They dreamed only of the next day
They hoped
Hopes that were never met
Hopes they had to meet themselves
They lived
Longer than most

Little people
They live inside me
I wish to understand them
I wish to work hard for their next life
I wish to grow for them

Poet Bio

Mawizana is a pen name used by Miriam Gayize,
which was given to her by her aunt who believed her to be very wise for her age. She is an 18-year-old who began writing poetry in her first year of high school and never stopped expressing herself through the art ever since.

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