So What by Allyson Bantom

Allyson Bantom | March 17th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments

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It has to feed you
open the jaws of your righteous indignation
and consume it

he called me a “h….t”
knowing that he would be exempted from consequences

she would be his alibi
“no – it’s your opinion, you probably imagined it. Where’s your proof?”
she liked that game

to be able to behave with such impunity
must have been intoxicating

he said it loud enough and with conviction, he wanted his claws to rip flesh
and I thought – “so what”?

she said with contempt “i knew when i looked at your hair that you were coloured”
you see, my ambiguous features had initially apparently entitled me to courtesy
which needed upon closer inspection of my roots
to be withdrawn as a matter of her dignity

“The correlation between flattened follicles and the entitlement to dignity” by A Wretched Creature

i felt God’s displeasure when she salivated in anticipation
of my wound
He whispered to me: “You are fearfully and wonderfully made”

she must have heard
because i can swear, I heard her reply “so what?”

Poet Bio

I heal myself with words

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