Mountains by Mphae Charmaine Mashifane

Mphae Charmaine Mashifane | Mar 19th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


We have made our own religions
We believe without declaring a word
We have built our own temples
We run to in times war
We have lords we worship
Even in our sleep

We call them lifestyles
We call them schedules
We say this is who we are
We say this is what we do
There’s no room for you
But there’s no room for you

With our eyes wide open
We cannot see you
With our ears uncovered
We cannot hear you
Our mouths are wide open
We are calling for you

Come and move these mountains
Before we leave them for the next generation

Poet Bio

Mphae Charmaine Mashifane is a coffee lover who expresses her being in poetry.
Her works have been published by journals such as Botsotso and JAYL (Journal of African Youth Literature).

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