Tavern Chronicles by Motswalo Manasoe

Motswalo Manasoe | Mar 25th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


No…you will not find apologies here.
Just more clarifications of where you went wrong,
You see a tavern was never made for young boys like you
Just old men to drown their sorrows.

Maybe we’ve spoken enough about the boys, who dress up as lawyers.
So as the girls who dress up as doctors,
Or maybe dream about the two in between.
Now let’s address the boys in ALL STAR CONVERSE,
Not caring about today nor tomorrow, but only a fix to cover this shield they wear.
How about the girls in high heels still awaiting a “hi” of another stranger passing by.

Chasing dreams for you is a potential you would never reach,
But only obstacles at your bedroom door.
Across the passenger plays a radio out loud
Evidence that grandfather has survived yet another night of liquor.
He is the only father figure you’ve had. yet not the figure you desire to be.
Sweeping the yard is your mother calling out on your laziness
And how rapidly you shift the blame to your unknown father(s).
She too fails to identify one at the tavern across.
Ooh this is your HOME by the way.

However, remember a tavern was never made for young boys like you.
Just old men to drown their sorrows.

Imagine a soldier with no luck…
…On a rainy day of bullets.
This is you at the counter…
…Purchasing shots.
You are drowning in debts and so you are too…
…perhaps this is a wake-up call to your destiny.

However, you are back at it tomorrow, again and again, and again.

Poet Bio

Motswalo Mansoe was born and raised in Limpopo in a village called Phokoane. He has been writing poetry since high school and participated in TSOL. An upcoming poet with a lot of determination to make it in the poetic world.

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