Birdcage by Ava Larson Gallegos

Ava Larson Gallegos | March 24th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

I’m safe inside of my personal birdcage,
Away from the despair, sickness and rage.
But my birdcage is getting too small,
Quarantined inside my four walls.
Oh how i long to step outside and into the joys of the busy life
But i know this wish is something I could never speak,
Because I’m stuck in my birdcage for eight more weeks

* Ava wrote this today for her online class I feel like she nailed it for all the kids stuck at home.

Poet Bio

Ava is my 13 yr old daughter she wrote this today for school. She’s in 7th grade in Omaha, Nebraska.

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