Song for Spring by Tamar Gvelesiani

Tamar Gvelesiani | March 26th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments

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Wings of life swirls gently in my brain,
Touches and smells it like tears of sacred rain,
Pours sanctity from heaven
To ease all the wounds
That made the earth fade away.

These days
I feel nothing but the non-existence
In the space with black and white frames.

I sense
Hopes aren’t close
Worlds are apart,
Hearts won’t feel the rustles of the Sun
Winds of springs blowing far
Stay away from us.

Dreams flown at a distance are delayed
To spread tunes of peace and love
Through the universe for us.

To save the earth
With hands crossed for justice in green
Where living starts from the colored screens.
From the very start.
But still
With struggle of us, humans of being.

Wishes are still, the dusky moon covers all the stars
Remaining no place
For humans of love and hatred existing for free
With glances of paned, sacred streets
From mortal to living wills.

With Suns and glitters in the eyes
And songs of whispers that can only be advised:
“God, save us!
Beings of trouble, the men of struggle,
The men of needs for the sins that we live.”

“La vita bella, la prima cosa,
how far the road is, how much could we load up?!”

Coming out of my dream
I see men
With glances of fences and smells of loss,
once breath wasn’t enough for us all
On earth.

No more loss!
Spread the joy through the homes
Feel the pain and laughter again.
Make breezy wind blow through the holes,
Through the veins,
Touch the buds of blooming lilacs
Feel them blossoming in May.

I stayed at home and asked you to do the same
To make air for the humans be fresh and safe
The spring can’t blossom if it won’t rain again
Till the sunny glows fulfill my brain.

My head acts like the pouring rain,
Caught out in vivid fields, I see the grasses of lanes
Wetting neurons gently for my sacred needs.

We missed the air and sinned for a while
But God still saved us
And the Sun warmed our stiffness inside.
Then the air flew back
To those who saved our life from hell.

Poet Bio

Tamar Gvelesiani comes from Tbilisi, Georgia. By profession she is a doctor and art historian. Tamar has graduated from Tbilisi State Medical University, faculty of Medicine and from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU), Faculty of Humanities, Art History and Theory (BA). Now she is a PhD student in the field of cardiac surgery at Tbilisi State University.

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