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Chestlyn Draghoender | April 5th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


Things got broken,
And then they assaulted me.
I cried like a little bit
and then the shit began.
They went crazy.

I hated them
For treating me this way.
At first, everything was good.
Until they heard that I was gay.

They didn’t think I owned anything
Or that I deserved to be taken care of.
It was clear that my life
wasn’t worth much to them, it felt heavy.

I begged them to let me go,
but they were like little boys.
Taking what they thought
belonged to them.
And I couldn’t stop them.

NB: This poem in no way expresses the thoughts or experiences of the author.

Poet Bio

Chestlyn Draghoender is from Ravensmead in Cape Town. He enjoys reading and writing. He is passionate about human rights and equality.

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