3AM by Nonkululeko Lusenga

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02:35am… the oceans fell.
my heart spewed out words I could not spell.

02:45am… nothing made sense.
the air was dry. it hurt my nose, but not as badly as the hurt in my soul.

03:00am… the walls disappeared.
03:01am… my thoughts lost count & time hit an invincible floor.

My clock rolled backwards. My ceiling rose.
I threw up. the vomit tasted like flowers
or iron, I wasn’t sure.

My phone rang, I ignored.
My heart spoke, I listened.
My soul cried. I died a little.

I heard a bird.
I heard a voice.
I heard the walls with my eyes.
they said;
“He heals the broken.”
I… said: “I’m not broken.”
they laughed, the same way animals laugh at Man.
I shrunk.

I said a prayer made of steel.
I rose
left my tears on the floor.
and dragged my body back to bed.

Poet Bio

Part human, part jazz and all things lovely.


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