‘Valiant’ Pegasus by Thabang Ngoma

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‘When only the satellites are spared in the distance
And the mother ship has lost her spin around the axis
When our last personal effects are launched in a capsule,
And we’re all gone, is there proof that we had a soul?’

My wings span Armageddon’s aftermath
Feet far removed from the scotching earth
Fluffed pillows suffocate my insomnia
I levitate on a bed of euphoria

‘I’m a warrior
I’m a survivor’

Gifted tongues for fangs
We bridge turbulent waters
Gifted hands instead of claws
We reap what we sow

I stencil my thoughts on the fabric of time
And flap my wings to all forms of freedom
I know my presence is a gift
And to deny others of me is theft

My palms bare blisters from the grasping of endless doors
They bleed from the endless digging of granite floors
I stare high at the bar of unrealised dreams within
And summon the valour to face (my worst nightmares) the griffin

Gifted talents instead of talons
We sore to greater heights
Gifted honour instead of bloodlust
We embrace all that is new and different
Gifted vision instead of eagle eyes
We envisage a brighter ever after

Wing tips tingling in the winds of change
I fly beyond to define a new age (a new world)
I fall to the warm embrace of novelty
Newton never invented gravity

Gifted hope instead of ropes
We are the emancipated hope(s)
Gifted longevity instead of nine lives
We appreciate what we’ve been gifted evermore

‘May the soul never die’

Poet Bio

Thabang is an aspiring writer& enjoys reading and the challenge of composing & writing poetry. A Team Leader, sketch artist & long distance – runner.


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