6… 7… Seconds of Freedom by Flow Wellington

Flow Wellington | September 17th, 2017 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

6… 7… 6… 7…
The second hand is not moving.
This second-hand ideology is a ticking time bomb:
6… 7… 6… 7…
In this day and age we’re too blind to realise that
We only buy time to change lives when we buy stickers and tickets;
Our altruism measured by how many likes
We have on our Insta-Face-Tweet in 67 minutes.
It’s cosy now because we can stroll in any park, park on any street,
And there are no bold painted boards segregating entrances.
Oh, but is it cosy for those whose homes are in the park,
Is it safe for those parked on the side street?
Freedom prevents them from using just any entrance: right of admission –
6… 7… 6… 7… Let’s gather our old blankets and share a slice of our little heaven.
There’s no born-free here!
Massacre after mass occur; riot, picket, march –
Get those hashtags going viral then it’s on to the next trend.
6… 7… 6… 7… Freedom is measured in seconds and then we move on.

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