8 Days! by Nomsa Motale

Nomsa Motale | July 27th, 2017 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Day 1: I think about how you treated me, before the darkness consumed you

Day 2: I think about how you wanted to clean my wounds with your heart

Day 3: I wonder if you still think of me before you go to sleep

Day 4: I remember how you used to see starlights in my eyes

Day 5: I accept

Day 6: I reach a conclusion that our love was like winter

Day 7: When it was time to bloom, you wanted us to stay in cold conditions

Day 8: I leave, because you only loved me when I was familiar, as soon as I wanted to bloom you couldn’t stand the thought of me not depending on your roots

Poet Bio

Nomsa Motale is an artist and writer. She loves to listen to music and to take photographs. She is all things creative and loves to be around people who dont mind having conversations about phases, the moon, art and all things consistent

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