A Better Stand by Phumla Khanyile (PeeKay)

Phumla Khanyile (PeeKay) | June 19th, 2015 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | 1 Comment

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We are the charter of promises
The prophesy long written
The shadow of things once hoped for
The reality we all fought for

We are the planted seeds
Watered by tears, by blood
With hoisted sticks, with tossed stones
With chanted pained songs

We are a generation of hope
Beneficiaries of sacrifices
Of defiance turned to compliance
The chosen healers of the past

So let’s raise our fists
To the sons and daughters
Warriors with no shields
Those who took a stand

We salute their unselfish efforts
The backs bended to bridges
That led to a better tomorrow
A dream some did not live to see

Here and now we take a pledge
Never to come short of their hopes
Not to take for granted the cost
To always remember their sacrifices

We stand united on a bridge of promises
Rewriting each tainted page with a better ink
Reconciling our differences at peace
With no stones thrown, no bullets shot

Poet Bio

This Poet is writes from the heart. She calls her poetry a means of self-release from emotions of things experienced, be it personally or from an observer point of view. Her poems are heart-felt and she is hoping with the same emotion they are written, they also appeal to relating emotions out there, talk healing and preach understanding to those who have the need.

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1 thought on “A Better Stand by Phumla Khanyile (PeeKay)”

  1. “We are the generation of hope”, this line got me heart squaek, and my eyes stood paled. Knowing I’m a youth of now now generation that the world is watching.

    “The chosen healers of the past”; only if politicians can lend us an ear. A chance to allow us access to touch hearts that were brutally embarrassed because of race, sure they will understand who we’re now with race relations. A race relation of no boundaries.

    Thank you mate

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