A Body Of Healing by Siphiwe Hlongwane

Siphiwe Hlongwane | June 15th, 2022 | poetry | 1 Comment

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this here
my body
this here
the work of the creator’s
is not a place of dying
nor a graveyard
to bury the dead
we are healing here
drifting safely away
from wounds
and hurts
and stains to the soul
old and new
we ride on the ride
of our breath here
as long as these lungs
are still pumping
we live on
breathe on
saltwater for cleansing
through the eyes
sunshine to dry us new
before we get lost
in the wave of living
yesterday gone
smiles and sea breeze
we celebrate
making it through the day
we do it again.

Poet Bio

Siphiwe Hlongwane is a writer of short stories and other words pretending to be poems.

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