a call for submissions: Poems for Mandela

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Dear Poets and Writers,

Listening to poets and writers who shared their response to Madiba’s death, in a session organised by Write’s Associates to honour Nelson Mandela (sponsored by the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory), three of us (Pitika and Antoinette Ntuli and Myesha Jenkins) furiously wrote, thought and wrote some more. Joining other poets and writers, we were inspired to say something at that historic moment.

Talking about the session afterwards we felt passionately that we wanted to bring together the various moving poetic tributes that have been written in Madiba’s honour. We want to create a book of poetry, dedicated to the memory Nelson Mandela, the proceeds of which will go to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital that he wanted created as part of his legacy.

We are calling to the poets and writers present at that session, as well as others around the country, to share your poems with the rest of the world.

[information]Our deadline is 1 February 2014.

The editorial team will be Myesha Jenkins, Pitika Ntuli and Antoinette Ntuli. Please email your poems to Myesha ([email protected]) AND to Antoinette ([email protected])[/information]

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