A Candle by roi de Salem

roi de Salem | October 21st, 2015 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

In the mist of great darkness,
brothers at war.
In the presence
of violence
and weakness,
as malice knocks on the door.

A child’s face
with a tear,
A mother’s heart
with pain.
Prayers fall
false ears –
Who answers the blood of Cain?
Our clearest
turn read,
our deepest
conceive hate.
Our faith
cast out
within the darkness
we create.

In the silence of our sadness
we hear.
In the abyss of our hopelessness
we hear;
“Let there be light
and there was light.”

Poet Bio

roi de Salem is Mike Mpanya a 20 year old writer, born in the South African city of Pretoria. Mike took up reciting poetry in primary school and he has been writing ever since. Mike is heavily influenced by his faith and this can be seen in many of the themes that inspire him.

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