A Clingy sound by E-writer

E-writer | September 11th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

The bird chirps loudly
A song my heart can’t fathom
Like a mourner’s dirge
Filling my lungs with salty emotions

The flame rose up above
A battle the cloud never won
The infant cry from afar
A weak lullaby rings out in the mist

Lovers in a tight embrace
Under the oak tree
Seemingly confessing their love
The heavens listen in envy

Clutched at arms-length
Hippos jiggle gracefully
Shaking in excitement
To an unheard rhythm

The sea bellows
The waves yonder
All calls beyond
Till every current is lost

Poet Bio

Opara Chidera Vivian was born in a remote part of Nigeria. With her origin from the Southeastern part of the country.
she had her basic education at Satellite town secondary school, Lagos, and furthered at Federal university of technology, Owerri Imo State where she studied industrial physics.
She’s an eloquent speaker with fluency in the English language, Igbo, and Yoruba.
She has a huge passion for creative writing and poetry in particular and has written several poems with some of them published in renowned poetry magazines.
She hopes to fill voids with her write-ups and also make a name in the writing world.

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