A cold heart and a forked tongue by Nicholus Ngonyama

Nicholus Ngonyama | October 20th, 2017 | poetry | No Comments

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Maybe a target, a cold heart,
A plan and a forked tongue
Will see me through the dark days.
My reaction is financially charged.

Maybe I could be like a politician,
And tell more lies than truth,
When I need the miserably poor
To put me in power,
After having made empty promises.

When they burn tires, vandalize
And loot,
As a form of communication,
Crying for the promised help,
My hands would be tied.
I would still doublespeak to them,
They are not bright, they won’t mind.

I would be sleeping in parliament,
Pretending to be representing them.
Passing laws,
Bylaws to keep them down,
Systems to mute the loudly critical ones,
Among the ignorant many.

I would give them half their full share,
Having them believe that I care,
Making sure they rely on me,
For their daily bread,
Feeding them lies and lies,
Through the bankrolled media.

I would abuse my power,
And refuse their needs.
When I get caught in the act,
I would be guilty while trying to prove
My innocence beyond corrupt judicial doubt.

Well, maybe a target, a cold heart,
A plan and a forked tongue,
Won’t see me through my dark days.

Poet Bio

Nicholus Ngonyama was born in Tzaneen, Limpopo in the year 1982/03/09, he matriculated from Bankuna High in 1999,
He relocated Pretoria in the year 2002, his poetry is based on reality and the conditions he grew up in

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