A dark hole story by Mec

Mec | February 1st, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

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The perfect day eluded her
It is always around the corner
It is something to look forward to

Unfortunately, with the arrival of a possible perfect day
The covers are pulled tighter around her as she snuggles deeper
An hour or so before the scheduled time
She cancels

The date
The walk in the park
Coffee with an old friend
A trip to the spa

She claims an ailment of some sort
Apologising feverishly
The usual spiel
Shame washes over her

She simply can not
There is no getting out of the dark hole
No today world
The perfect day postponed

She gets a free pass
Release from the dark hole
The better version wanders around
Knowing it only lasts a while

Poet Bio

Mec is an aspirational writer, a dreamer, and a mother. She turned 40 recently and she wants to live a life free of regrets

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