A dream deferred by Aubrey Mgwenya

Aubrey Mgwenya | June 9th, 2011 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments

from dawn to dusk,
from morning to evening,
from sunrise to sunset,
I sit quietly and lonely.
with nobody to name of mine.
with nobody to embrace me.
with nobody to fall in love with.
with nobody to stay with.
and nobody to share my feelings with.

from supper time till breakfast time.
from break time till dinner time.
I have no one to teach me how to love.
I have no one to kiss me good night.
I have no one to tap my shoulder on the table.
I have no one to caress me gently in my sleep.
I have no one to hold my hand past the valley.

My life is so lonely and dark.
My life is so dim and glum but just a dream.
with nobody to talk to and make me smile.
With nobody to kiss me gently though deeply.
with nobody to lie next to me in deep winter.

Am indeed a lonely self,
And my dream is but a deferred dream.

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