A Gatherer Of Broken Puppets by Mitja Lovše

Mitja Lovše | January 27th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments


You knew these puppets
you collect from the waste
people always put them into
after they ended their purpose.

Most of them still shiver
from all the orders they had
to gain a normal life they wished
and that was only used as a carrot.

They are brought to your homestead
as you have to convince them to calm
thanks to them losing their trust in everyone
they have met in their time of being the pawns.

You sigh at the lack of humanity these days,
you become more upset than usual later on.

Poet Bio

Mitja Lovše is a writer, a performer and a director from Slovenia. He works within the fields of theatre, film, television and literature. He’s still alive.

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