A ghost in her room by Marta Dimitrov

Marta Dimitrov | January 22nd, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Each night when she turns the lights down

she puts in her wardrobe her invisible crown

half dressed she sits on the left side of her bed

a zahir although always present, in an instance spreads.

It emerges when her scent is mixed with her sorrows

it turns into ghost questioning for her tomorrows

it scares her not, since it’s a shadow she already knows

it gives her in a way her daily attention doze.

A gentleman would care for a lady until her he gains

but the ghost wanted nothing, only to know her pains

he would float in the room until she wants to sleep

until she falls tired knowing a ghost all her secrets keeps.

And each morning as the dawn is approaching

not to give up and start again she is her self coaching

then she realises a ghost is only an imaginary friend

and a ghost have no firm body for our face all in tears to bend.

Poet Bio

Marta Dimitrov has been a poet for almost two years. She self-pubished her first collection of poems in English, and continues writing poems as one of her biggest passions. “A ghost in her room” is her latest work.

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