A Hearts Call to Love by Nqaba Dano

Nqaba Dano | October 18th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

Take me into your arms
Let me feel your last breath escaping your body
Just like this heart tries to escape my chest cavity
It wants to defy gravity
And float into skies to be kissed by stars
And absorb their shine
Because then it will be admired
It will be gazed upon by beings
Wishing for love
And it will shower down its tears
Because non loved it when it resided down here
It screams at night
It screams during the day
Be that as it may
It still yearns for love
But it fought against gravity
When it escaped this chest cavity
And now resides among the stars
Hoping its flames will be cherished
That people will write poems about it
Because when it was on earth they trampled it
Walked through muddy streets
Only to wipe their feet on it
A welcome mat too dirty
Now it only shows come because it is not well anymore
Because it has bleed out
But it still yearns for love so it shouts out come
To all strangers that profess to show it love

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