A Lady by Abdulmugheeth Petersen

Abdulmugheeth Petersen | March 4th, 2014 | current issue, poetry | No Comments


My lady’s figure is all covered
Just her hands and her eyes may be seen
So others may think she is less beloved
For in no man’s sight she has been

[restrict …]Her face she hides behind a veil
So some say she is filled with pride
Of her fragrant scent she leaves no trail
But passions within her reside

Yet her reservedness my emotions move
To know the mystery behind the screen
A faithful lover in her may prove
To bring me to gardens watered green

For this is the lady whom I desire
More than those with passions like fire[/restrict]

Poet Bio

Abdulmugheeth holds a BA Degree with majors in Psychology and English Literature from the University of the Western Cape. He is a TEACH South Africa alumnus and is studying towards a Postgraduate Certificate in Education with the University of South Africa. He writes for the Parliamentary Monitoring Group on a part-time basis and in his free time he enjoys hiking through the Cape Peninsula Mountains, spending time at the beach, travelling and touring. He also likes classical literature, board games, street art, good food and film.



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