A little piece of everything by Lara Reis

Lara Reis | March 6th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments


A little piece of everything,
That’s me. That’s how I do think.

Is what is left of my anything
floating in my head as carrying
a circus of thoughts in a compulsive order!
You can find grocery lists, to-do’s, planners,

Fears, tears, dreams, and scanner
Of completed universes and cosmos, and…
a bit of each constellation seized
by my solo eye and dullness!

Stuck between 4 walls and a hall
watching others depart in a short call.

I’m okay, I’m still one thing,
a bit of everything,
while I’m still here.

Poet Bio

I’ll go on an adventure. Later, after a deep nap and a strong coffee, repeat. I will go on an adventure. Later.

All good stories always have a dragon. And for a childish reason, I like the mechanical beating of every word that goes out of tune in front of the pale screen that hides the present night a little inside my head.

My name is Lara, I was born in 1984 and I am writing about the worlds build up in my head and when I am too lazy to express myself in the wording I use my simple drawing skill.

To each one of you who has read and follow my stories, thank you.

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