A lovely day bright and shining by Zhaunine Petersen

Zhaunine Petersen | January 30th, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

A lovely day bright and shining
I can feel the sun beat down on my face
I smell the scent of the fresh flowers
I can feel the love in your embrace
I know you are hurting I can see your pain
I can see the glimmer of your tears
I am so sorry mom for your heart-ache
I am so sorry for your fears
I wish that I can turn back the time
And say no to the mistakes I have made
The memory in my mind everyday
I wish oh how I wish it could fade
Should have listened to that voice inside
Warning me of the danger ahead
But in a moment of weakness I went
I know two of my friends are already dead
We did not see the guys approaching us
The next minute I just saw black
Two days later I woke up
Drugged, raped and in a hospital bed
Mommy please forgive me
For the suffering you endure
I cannot take this pain
I cannot cry anymore
Now many years later
Helpless, sick and thin as a rake
I have to live with Aids
For that one, only that one mistake
Sometimes you don’t see it coming
Sometimes you know it’s there
Sometimes you learn about it
Sometimes you just don’t care
Because I did not care
I have to pay the price
I love you mom with all my heart
I should have thought twice

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