A Man In Crossroad And Tears In His Rolling Eyes By Jacques Mateya

Jacques Mateya | July 2nd, 2015 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


Tears rolling as a mighty ocean.

A man is tiger he doesn’t cry
Who said tigers don’t cry?

Reality is a mist in my clouds
Mind’s eyes are in the circle of confusion.
In the backyard there is a crackle of thunder.
Eyes rolling like wheel in the hands of gorilla

I am just like a blind-woman who is looking for a needle
And the dove that lost its lover

I am a headless chicken.
Expectant of the best and what I glimpse is the worse
My eyes sought to see the daylight but I see the moonlight
It was so unambiguous for me to see and now there is a snow and mist

It’s not raining i am drowning in our own tea

Poet Bio

He was born in Thabakhubedu in 1981, he went to Thabakhubedu primary school, when he was in grade 4 we moved to and matriculated in Nala secondary school, He holds B.com degree from University of Limpopo, Ndlovu care group and currently he is working for Elias Motsoaledi local municipality. the dusty streets of thabakhubedu in dennilton have seen his up rising, this rural part of limpopo [south africa] completed my life so he say.

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