A Mother’s Long Wait by Soma Bose

Soma Bose | February 4th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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Morning is awakening in the sky,

Above the sea,the sea-gulls are ready to fly,
Across the stream, the crafts are nipping the water,
Some boats are coming near and some are sailing away further,
It is a breaking dawn,
A mother is waiting for her son-
It is a trick yarn,
It is a story of an young fisherman.

He sailed out on a windy day,
And the sky was grey,
Others were on the right track,
Only, he was hastened away with a tidy jack,
And he never came back.
But it was a mother’s mind-
It was full of hope,which never cried.

“My son will come”,every time she repeats,
Everyday she goes down to the reefs.
Under the shadow of coconut tree-
She stares at the sea.

People are in dubiousness,
May be he is the victim of great losses!
But ,one day, he returns home alive,
It is like a blossom in his mother’s life.

Along with a running wave,he was tossed to a ship-edge,
With a dreadful dive, a crewman saved him alive.
Thus a long trick is over-
With the blessing of a mother.

Poet Bio

A poet and author, some stories and poems are published by Friday Flash Fiction, Scotland.

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