A New African Story by Paula Puolakka

Paula Puolakka | May 25th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments


Who erased the original and ancient ritual sites?
Who destroyed the unique art pieces of many tribes?
Who took away the freedom for people to express their heritage?
Who forced them to wear matching clothes and outfits?
A new African story is a local examination:
the modern countries were, in many cases, based on the extermination of
what was natural and good for the ancient inhabitants.
A new African story is an invitation to the rich:
it welcomes those Europeans, U.S. citizens, and Brits
whose ancestors were once forced to leave the continent.
A new African story is a story of remodeling:
the newcomers and the soul searchers could use their fortune to
create a community in which nobody carries a knife and
the ancient methods are a part of life.

Poet Bio

Paula Puolakka (1982) is a Beat poet, writer, and MA (History of Science and Ideas.)

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