a poem a day submissions


  • Poetry Potion has two types of calls for submissions.
    • A Poem A Day writing prompts are published every weekday with poems published every weekday on the website.
    • A themed call for poems for the print quarterly will be published regularly every two or three months.
  • We are interested in original poetry
  • Do not submit more than three (3) poems at a time.
  • We do not accept poetry previously published on other websites, blogs or publications – these include your own book, an anthology or journals (literary or other).
  • When submitting, we need your real name (if you publish under a pseudonym) and your contact details (email). We will not accept poems published on behalf of another person without proof that you have permission to do this.
  • Poetry is accepted in any language.
    • if you submit in a language other than English then please provide an English translation of the poem or submit a short paragraph that explains what the poem is about (this is NON-NEGOTIABLE).
  • Poetry Potion does not edit poetry – so make sure that you submit your work in its final publishable draft. DO NOT SUBMIT FIRST DRAFTS. Always run a spell check and proofread for grammar.
  • Poetry Potion accepts poet profiles, essays, think/opinion pieces and social commentary with a poetic theme.
  • Poetry Potion reserves the right to edit articles for length, clarity and style.
  • submit your best work.

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