A Poem A Day Writing Prompt 05 December 2023

Quaz | December 5th, 2023 | a poem a day challenge | 2 Comments


“The Lonely Summit”

“Survive the Descent”

“The Hike Inwards”

Image by Sergio Cerrato – Italia

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2 thoughts on “A Poem A Day Writing Prompt 05 December 2023”

  1. Hello Poetry Potion,

    I have enjoyed rewading the work featured at Poetry Potion ans I would like to submit I land for your consideration. Thanks for your time.

    Best Regards

    Anthony Ward

    1. Hi Anthony. Thank you for visiting Poetry Potion. We are happy to hear that you enjoy reading the poetry we feature. You can submit your poetry by completing the submission form at the vottom of our daily prompt posts.

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