A Poem A Day Writing Prompt 14 November 2018

Writing Prompts | Nov 14th, 2018 | a poem a day challenge | 2 Comments


“The blind man next door”

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2 thoughts on “A Poem A Day Writing Prompt 14 November 2018”

  1. In the village of the blind,
    The one eyed man is king.
    His heathen intelligence dwelt,
    His place it aways protected,
    By the sieved shells like mass like sand.
    No one will give him controlability.
    He powerful than a weight elephant.
    When the storm is coming to him,
    He stand like a tour lights street.
    He’ll remains until it’s disapearing.
    It would be so:
    The evidence of centuries remains.

  2. It burns, the weight on this iris
    The decadence consumed by the senses
    It yearns, for change
    A change for all around these fences
    Of mine
    I have kept the dirt out,
    Why do they not emulate? I ask.
    Dirt fills their homes
    From ceiling to the floor.
    They ask, are you not the man next door,
    Who blocked the drainage,
    and has caused this mess for us all?
    Are you blind to your faults,
    but stretch a finger to a problem; part of?
    Are you up for change, when your senses lay fenced off?
    Are you down to feel,
    From your island of bliss
    Where moat is brimmed of spill,
    To eventually encroach on your heels?
    Are you not?
    Are you not?

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