A POEM FOR YOU by Achie Kubhayi

Achie Kubhayi | May 29th, 2020 | poetry | 1 Comment


An unknown spirit from a holy place came striking my soul and sent for me; and an instant hunger for spiritual contentment in me paved a path for my lonely self to tread.

A few steps is all it took for me to experience a thrilling sight, and the unusual throbbing of my heart manifested a marvelous and glimmering hope that my soul shall repose in tranquility and rejoice in a pool of constant affection.

I found heaven and I was assured by the warmth that encompassed my soul as I entreated the first word.
A glimpse of a calming smile persisted to echo the assurance and I realized that the proximity of my soul to an eternal home is guaranteed.

My soul is susceptible to the warmth and kindness you forever pour on me, that the devil inside shouts Jesus’ name in shame, then I realize you are sent from heaven to come and release me from the chains of ungratefulness that blind my vision.

When prayers do come to fruition, you will witness the heavy rain of blessings upon you and you will be assured of the wonders you deserve.


Poet Bio

I am an unprofessional writer who is inspired by life itself, eager to know more, strives to make a positive difference, forever giving thanks to the Lord above.

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