A rose has been plucked from our garden by Wadzie Tads

Wadzie Tads | September 13th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


A rose has been plucked from our garden
Its beautiful fragrance taken from us
The colour it gave and beauty to our landscape is no more
There is no more beauty in our midst
All we have left are memories
That once upon a time there was beauty and a sweet scent
The marks of where the rose was are visible for all to see
The ground is now disturbed
For what once held it together has been taken
Now it’s loose and bare
The garden is now dull, deprived of colour and will never be the same

For you, my friend Tsakani Rufaro, rest in peace, rest in power my sister

Poet Bio

Wadzie Tads is a vibrant, bubbly and energetic young lady who is passionate about everything, from animals, food, music…everything.

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