A secret wish by Batia Efrat

Batia Efrat | Feb 10th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


Sometimes I like to escape
into the solitude of daydreams
– little warm beams of light
that glow like orbs amidst my misery.

Sometimes I like to curl up
inside the refuge of my heart
and occupy myself with the faintest hopes
– soft lullabies to soothe my loneliness.

Sometimes I like to make believe
that there is still love left for me,
that it’s waiting, somewhere,
with open arms
– a fairytale to write away my tragedies.

This is my fantasy,
in three parts,
all cut from the same
robe of pain
that clings to my entirety
with its crimson cloth.

This is my fantasy,
in three parts,
one secret wish,
best forgotten
yet I clutch onto it
with tightened fists
because disappointment
sometimes hurts less than despondency.

Poet Bio

Batia is a writer of many things, poetry being her favourite. Her themes delve into the messiness of the human condition which is reflected through her unstructured but rhythmic style.

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