A Solitude of Sayings by Mapule Mohulatsi

Mapule Mohulatsi | January 30th, 2014 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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A solitude of sayings followed by caves
Ancient with history and silenced bees for the sake of sweet nothings and battered lungs
Fangs and blood forsaken drums
A shakin’ mantra
Sayings by deities; Godliness in celetial rites in the mornings when the nightmares are haunted by my dreams.
Alive to Awake.
I have seen Gold men lay secrets in between mental hospital bed sheets.
Come stains and slits
Bits of depression held by the Indian Ocean Orient in their being.
I have seen the gorrilaz and the savages of the unseen time
Unregulated by the sun
I have seen sayings.

Loaded guns and battle ships
A war torn heart in solitary confinement
Instigated arteries:Blast,Dance,Move,Speak.
Bombs and incense
Khrishna holding a bloodied sari because his Godliness had been wrapped in weighed gold.
Recordings, flutes, trombones, drums
My feel saxophoned by bits of depression held by the Indian
Sang by Nigerian prostitutes in rouge lips
Green, sick,sick.

Poet Bio

Mapule Mohulatsi is a poet, essayist, student, lover, writer and teacher yearning to learn. Word n Sound Top 5 2013 finalist and Word n Sound 2013 Queen of the Mic for episode 1.

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