A Stare Begins in the Brain by Chris Taljaard

Chris Taljaard | July 24th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

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A stare begins in the brain
The quiet longing
Of knowing
A little

A quick glance
At first
Is the foremost
An impulse

Draws it out
Stretches it
Into a gaze
And articulate
In its intensity

Framed by expression
It spreads like fire
One becomes many
As necks turn
Like synchronized

Bringing the flesh
Of myriad eyes
To bear
On some
Or other
The concordance
Of the crowd

An innocent glimpse
Becomes an indication
To the inner herd
That clusters in us all
That all should acquiesce
To the quiet call
Of the watchman

The one who knows
Has seen
What must be seen
And so the countless eyes
Begin to glare
With the ardent hunger
That becomes the stare

Poet Bio

Just someone trying to make sense of the world.

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