A Story of the Mind by Ashraf Booley

Ashraf Booley | August 3rd, 2012 | poetry | No Comments


At the moment of awakening
another story ends.
Like a book with missing pages,
no ending.

A state
that awakens the silence
of the unconscious.
Where the dream-maker
calls upon
flying elephants and leaping giants.
I played hide-and-seek
with Ahmed and Dave and Joy,
I do not know them.

I found myself
in a place in my head
where I am not myself.
I awake
to a story
I half-forgot,

Poet Bio

Ashraf Booley is a 21 year old poet who graduated with his English degree from the University of the Western Cape. He currently works as a Trainee Business Analyst and pursues his postgraduate studies part-time at the University of Cape Town. His first poem was published in the UWC multi-lingual anthology, This is My Land, launched at the Franschoek Literary Festival in 2012. He enjoys theatre, film and cooking.

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