A Stranger She Misses by Nqaba Dano

Nqaba Dano | May 23rd, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | 1 Comment

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She laid eyes on him
Her heart raced
Running for the mountains
Fueled with joy
And excitement
She contemplated her fate
Would she initiate
This romance budding
In her heard
With this stranger
Who just stole her heart
Without uttering a single
And contemplating
In her mind
She had gazed upon
And beauty
Only bestowed
For special souls
she stood
Her feet remained
While her mind
Began to recall
How to walk
Yet she remained
Ages seemed to pass
Her eyes glued
To this being
Which channelled
All she had
All she was
Towards him
All this while remaining
Time had froze for her
But not for the stranger
Who zipped past her
Leaving her in
Of the beauty
She had wittnessed
Come into her life
Steal her heart
And escape
In a matter of seconds
And vanish
To the world in which he came

Poet Bio

Nqaba is a poet who aspires to have his work immortalised in black and white

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