A Suicide Note of a Dead Bullet by Palash Mahmud

Palash Mahmud | Apr 24th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments


is still living a nomadic life
like cashmere wools free fly
between valleys

is such a headstrong
to be re-embodied in this
unforgiving world

& to see the gunshot wounds:
broken bones, gushing
blood of who shots a bullet

because a bullet also dies before
it kills; because the kiss of death
tastes tart on all the tongues

Poet Bio

Palash Mahmud is a bilingual writer, book critic based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. His poetry, literary reviews and criticisms appeared in Cordite Poetry Review, Active Muse, League of Poets, Superstition Review, The Punch Magazine, Kitaab, Ephemeral Elegies, The Bosphorus Review of Books, Poetry Potion Trouvaille Review, Poet’s Choice and forthcoming elsewhere. He reads & reviews for Sepia Quarterly.

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