A Table Of Fighters by Ayabulela Tutuse

Ayabulela Tutuse | June 5th, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

I was sitting around a table with 6 strong women
Women that had 6 different stories to tell
Stories of hardship
Stories that are the cause of their daily heartache
Yet they have beautiful faces to hide, veil the pain
Stories that were to the benefit of others
Abantwana babo
Those loved ones
Those same loved ones that took them for granted
Took them for granted when they would hear them cry
Hear their snuffles and smalls sobs of help; direction; hope and assurance
Those that insisted on not understanding
Forcing matters when hardship was a member of the family
Those that made them face the music for the consequences of thy third party
Making each day exhausting
But yet these women had straight, structured frames
To bury the burdens they carry
They all had a different story to tell
But they all had 1 thing in common
They had to make the big sacrifice

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